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4 Precautions For Cultural Stone Background Wall Decoration

Nov. 10, 2020

The TV background wall is decorated with Cultural Stones, which not only allows people to see the subtleties hidden under the rough, but also creates a retro and literary atmosphere. It is the best choice for people to pursue individual home furnishings. But because this kind of decoration material is quite special, so everyone must pay attention to the following aspects when decorating:

1.Cultural stone is divided into Natural Cultural Stone and artificial cultural stone. When choosing stone, try to choose artificial cultural stone. Decorated with natural cultural stones generally use natural stone tailings, which may not match in color.

The artificial cultural stone is professionally processed and refined, so the size and color of the stone are relatively uniform, while the thickness of natural stone varies, the decorative effect of too thin cultural stone is not obvious, and the safety of too thick is not guaranteed

Natural Basalt Stone

Natural Basalt Stone

2. Except for square stones, most other cultural stones are limited by the natural texture of the stone. To achieve a coordinated effect, the construction is more difficult, especially the splicing process. The cultural stone background wall is not a single construction, usually multiple processes together, so we must plan the construction of the project first, so that the construction of the cultural wall can be carried out in an orderly manner, so as to avoid project chaos; because The background wall has many styles and styles, so in the early stage we must design the style of the TV background wall

3. There are many sharp edges and corners on the surface of the stone, which can easily be cut when family members accidentally touch it. Also, the sharp stone from Feng Shui is not conducive to the family's fortune and will form a "scary" phase. Smooth stone

4. TV background wall cultural stone should try to maintain its integrity, whether it is natural stone or Artificial Stone, the shape should be round, arc or linear. The messy style can easily make the family uneasy.

Although the effect of using cultural stones to decorate the TV background wall is very unique, it is necessary to pay attention to what should be paid attention to. I hope these details can help everyone.

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