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Cultural Stone, Unique Life Culture!

Nov. 23, 2020

In ancient times, people like to build a rockery with strange stones in the courtyard to add to the scenery; paved a trail with soft cobblestones, the winding path is quiet. Stone has been loved by everyone for a long time. In everyone's opinion, stone represents tenacity and strength, giving people a lasting feeling. As a kind of decorative material stone, cultural stone is more and more popular with everyone. Today, Cultural Stone Exporters introduce cultural stone.

The origin of culture stone

Cultural stone, the academic name cast stone, is defined as exquisite building concrete unit manufacturing, simulating natural cutting and fetching stone for unit masonry application. Cast stone can replace limestone, brown sandstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, coral rock, lime and other natural stones.

The predecessor of cultural stone was Natural Volcanic Rock Cultural Stone. In the 1950s, when an American business owner visited China, he saw that China made red bricks made of clay and sent it to him. After returning to the United States, he used cement sand and other materials to imitate natural stone. , To create artificial stone, which is the current cultural stone. With the continuous development of technology, the artificial cultural stone is far superior to the natural cultural stone in terms of color, shape, and function. This is also the reason why the artificial cultural stone is more and more popular.

Natural Volcanic Rock Cultural Stone

Natural Volcanic Rock Cultural Stone

Application of cultural stone

In the early days, cultural stones were commonly used outdoors. The reasonable application of cultural stone instantly enhances the value of the house, the taste of the owner, and the perfect integration with nature. The building is endowed with vitality, simple, heavy and full of life. You can use the cultural stone boldly, its color can always be integrated into all the colors around you, and it will not stand out as unusual. Moreover, no matter how long the cultural stone has been baptized, it can still maintain its original appearance. Similarly, the indoor application of cultural stones is ingenious and unique, giving people a natural, primitive, mysterious and romantic feeling in a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere.

Here are the indoor applications of several cultural stones.

Strip culture stone

Its surface is rough and has a rough beauty. After patchwork, the space appears extraordinarily bright and elegant, making the overall decoration exquisite and casual.

White culture stone

White is the most versatile color. The addition of Cultural Stones, with simple bumps and perfect details, creates a stylish and avant-garde atmosphere.

Red brick culture stone

It can also be said to be a bare wall without any whitewashing. I'm tired of the decorations. Is this style particularly unique? It's like drinking too many kinds of drinks and occasionally drinking a glass of boiled water. It is also very unique. This kind is also very retro and nostalgic, and is deeply loved by modern young people.

Irregular shape cultural stone

This irregular cultural stone reflects the original texture. The mottled cultural stone background wall creates a relaxed American casual style. It is not only a reflection of nostalgia, but also can be combined with fashionable and simple elements to present a unique charm.

to sum up:

After all, the cultural stone itself does not have a specific cultural connotation. But the cultural stone has a rough texture, rich color, and natural shape. It can be said that cultural stone is a manifestation of people's mentality of returning to nature and returning to simplicity in interior decoration. This mentality can also be understood as a kind of life culture.

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