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Jingye Group successfully became a supplier of Karachi nuclear power plant project in Pakistan

Dec. 14, 2019

Recently, the salesmen of the Major Project Office of the Head Sales Office successfully signed the HRB500E supply contract for Karachi nuclear power plant project in Pakistan through their unremitting efforts. The successful conclusion of this order not only creates considerable economic benefits, but also sets a model for the end user development of international projects of the Group.

Karachi nuclear power project in Pakistan is the first time that HPR1000, the third generation nuclear power technology of China with independent intellectual property rights, has gone abroad. It is a joint project of the governments of China and Pakistan, and is also an important achievement of the construction of the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" and "the Belt and Road" implemented by China, so it has great political significance.

As an construction unit of the integration of construction and installation of conventional island of nuclear power plant, China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu No. 3 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. won the bid for construction and installation of the conventional island and part of BOP installations of Karachi nuclear power plant project in Pakistan with 20 years of experience in construction of nuclear power projects. This project is the first overseas nuclear power construction project of China Energy Engineering Group, and also the first international nuclear power project undertaken by an energy construction enterprise other than CNNC.

On the one hand, the conclusion of this contract will promote the in-depth cooperation between Jingye Group and CEEC, on the other hand, it will be a historic breakthrough for Jingye Group to participate in the construction of "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" implemented by China. It plays an important exemplary role for Jingye products to participate in "the Belt and Road" and other international projects.

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