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Do You Know The Maintenance Of Stone?

Aug. 03, 2020

Natural Basalt Stone Tile has very strict requirements for cleaning and maintenance, and wrong maintenance methods may cause damage to the stone.

Natural Volcanic Stone Suppliers recommend that any stone should be thoroughly clean and clean. Whether it is hard granite or soft marble, it is not resistant to long-term torture by wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, from time to time, use a dust collector and electrostatic mop to thoroughly remove dust and clean.

Lava Stone Brick For Wall Cladding

Lava Stone Brick For Wall Cladding

Regular maintenance and gloss maintenance are required. Dust removal and cleaning alone cannot keep the bright stone luster continuously. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly ask a professional company to send people to do maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work, such as: use crystallization liquid to recrystallize the marble surface, or use polishing powder to regenerate the gloss of the marble or granite surface, or use breathable gloss protection Agent and so on.

Clean up pollution immediately. All stones have natural pores, and pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) will easily penetrate into the stone along the pores and form annoying stains, so you must choose a good quality stone Special protective agent to prevent pollution sources from polluting the stone. It is necessary to know that all protective agents cannot prevent pollution 100% for a long time, so once a pollution source is poured on the stone, it must be removed immediately to prevent it from penetrating into the pores of the stone.

Always keep ventilated and dry. When the environment humidity is too high, the water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the stone, causing various diseases such as water spots, bleaching, weathering, denudation, rust yellow, etc., and destroy the stone. Therefore, the stone installation place should always be ventilated and dry. In order to keep the stone breathing smooth, avoid covering the surface of the stone with carpets and debris for a long time, otherwise the moisture cannot be volatilized through the pores of the stone. If you must lay carpets and pile up debris, please don't forget to turn it over frequently.

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