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Do You Know The Role Of Natural Volcanic Stone?

Aug. 27, 2020

Natural Volcanic Stone is a kind of natural stone. The real volcanic stone is the rock formed by the ultra-high temperature magma gushing from the deep layer or erupting from the ground during the volcanic eruption and reaching the ground to cool down. It has various shapes and is found all over the world.

In the past 20 years, many western designers like to use processed volcanic rock as decorative stone. Not only volcanic rock has very good physical and chemical properties, but also has unique natural performance effects, such as thick black and gray cool colors, and simple and calm surface texture. , A strong symbol of natural power, so designers use volcanic rock in many solemn occasions, such as courts, museums, and multinational company buildings. The effect is not only to see nobleness in the simplicity of nature, but also to give the building supreme aura.

Today, our company can process Volcanic Rocks such as organic cutting, polishing, and wire drawing.The five types of surface treatments: machine cut surface, polished surface, litchi surface, natural surface and brushed surface will help the series of products outdoors.

At the same time, it can improve the product's high degree of antifouling and ease of use, and can largely replace the stone used outdoors.The design concept of the volcanic stone series is relatively westernized. Now more and more designers and consumer groups accept and pursue the concept and effect of this natural color tone.  In the competition of many tile brands, Volcanic tiles have become the best with their simple and sharp style.

Volcanic Rocks

Volcanic Rocks

Does volcanic rock only have this function? Our Natural Volcanic Stone Supplier gave us the answer. In addition to leading the building decoration industry, it also plays a huge role in our daily lives:

1.Living water

Volcanic rocks can activate the ions in the water (mainly increase the content of oxygen ions) and can slightly release a-rays and infrared rays, which are good for fish, including humans. The disinfection effect of volcanic stones is also not to be ignored. Adding to the aquarium can effectively prevent and treat patients.

2. Stable water quality

There are two parts here: PH stability, which can adjust the water that is too acid or too alkaline to be close to neutral automatically. The content of minerals is stable. Volcanic rock has the dual characteristics of releasing mineral elements and absorbing impurities in the water. When it is too little or too much, its release and adsorption will occur. And the stability of the PH value of water quality when Luohan starts and increases color are very important

3. Adsorption

Volcanic rock is porous and has a large surface area. It can absorb harmful bacteria in water and heavy metal ions that affect organisms such as chromium and arsenic, and even some residual chlorine in water. Placing volcanic rocks in the aquarium can absorb the residue and feces that the filter can’t absorb to keep the water in the tank clean

4. to promote metabolism

The trace elements released by the volcanic stone can promote the metabolism of animal cells, bring out harmful halides in the body, and clean up the dirt in the cells

5. Optimal growth

Volcanic stone can also increase protein synthesis in animals, enhance immunity, and increase Lohan's mobility to a certain extent. This also played a big role when Luohan started

6. Substrate material for the growth of aquatic plants

Due to its porous characteristics, it is good for aquatic plants to grasp and take root. The various mineral components dissolved out of the stone itself are not only beneficial to the growth of fish, but also can provide fertilizer for the aquatic plants. In agricultural production, volcanic stone is used as a soilless culture substrate, fertilizer and animal feed additives

As a new force, volcanic rock affects all aspects of life with the rapid economic development and will have a very broad development prospect.


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