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Mar. 20, 2021

100 to 150 kilometers below the crust, there is a "liquid zone" in which there is a molten silicate material containing volatile components of gas under high temperature and high pressure, that is, magma. Once it rushed out of the weak section of the earth's crust, it formed a volcano. The volcano is the window to the hot center of the earth, the most explosive force on the earth.

Volcanic Rocks

Volcanic Rocks

Volcanic Rocks are formed by magma ejected from the surface and cooled and crystallized in the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Due to the difference in thermal conductivity and surface morphology of magma, various forms such as wave-shaped lava, rope-shaped lava, massive lava, etc. can be formed. After a long period of precipitation and natural evolution, volcanic rock veins have gradually formed. Volcanic rock is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, medical treatment, and architectural decoration.

Volcanic rock has superior performance. In addition to the general characteristics of ordinary stone, it also has its own unique functions, such as weathering resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low radioactivity, natural hole-like "breathing" function, sound absorption and noise reduction, humidity adjustment, thermal insulation, etc. . There are various types of volcanic rock products. The common ones are: fine-cut plates, Cultural Stones, special-shaped carvings, filter materials, garden landscape stones, mosaic mosaics, broken ice cracks, etc.

The application prospect of volcanic rock in the construction field is very broad. It is suitable for high-end villas, clubs, hotels, squares, antique buildings, tea houses, parks, municipal engineering and other places. It is suitable for but not limited to floor, wall paving, stone and wood structure furniture, Special-shaped sculptures can also be used to create posters, entrances, background walls and outdoor wall publicity, signs, tea houses, study rooms, etc.

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