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Remember the mission ,To create world-class enterprises — —Jingye Group welcomes the 30th Anniversary of Factory Building

Apr. 01, 2020

Remember the mission To create world-class enterprises ——Jingye Group welcomes the 30th Anniversary of Factory Building

Thirty years of eventful years, luxuriant ;30 years of wind and rain, to forge ahead ;30 years remember the original ideals and aspirations. March 25, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of JingyGroup, is a holiday for all workers , congratulations to the group! A tribute to merit! All workers contribute to Jingye Group construction and development will be remembered!

In 30 years, Jingye Group Overcome one difficulty after another , not only created a huge material wealth, but also left to fight out, rush up, hard struggle, strive for the first spiritual wealth. We can not forget the solemn promise of the people who became rich, the excitement of salicylic acid when it was put into production, the loud slogan of "make an all-out effort in 1998,double output; make an all-out effort in 1998One year equals the first decade ", the hard work and selfless dedication of the builders when building the first blast furnace. Time does not stop, nor does it stop. In the 30th anniversary of Jingye Group, the group completed the acquisition of British steel companies, become a milestone in the history of dedication. Thirty years,  Jingye Group has made remarkable achievements, factory anniversary, let's review the history of Jingye  entrepreneurship development, in history to find the strength to move forward.

Build up from nothingsalicylic acid put into production


The gate of old chemical plant

Chairman Ganpo Li resigned in 1988 to set up a Jingye Group's predecessor —— Pingshan County Chemical Factory, without funds, no field, no talent, starting from nothing. The employees have no where to live , the factory department has no mess hall, and even the warehouse rented in Nandian supply and marketing cotton oil factory has been forced to move out because they can not afford the rent. In order to solve the problem of electricity use, Guolin Jiao and San Ren tried their best to solve the problem of electricity use by helping the leaders of the electric office to do cleaning work. Mingguo Wang to get the business license asap, he rides a bicycle to and from the county three times a day; San Ren to saves ten yuan of car ticket, he carry more than two hundred kilograms of carbon dioxide airbags and walks two miles more; Genggen Liu and Shuan Nie  to save equipment capital, they self-made salicylic acid crusher; Guoshan Ren to open up the market, take too hard time, finally sincerely moved customers to open product sales ...Salicylic acid was officially putted into production on 25 March 1990.

Diversification development and construction of steel-making

construction of steel-making is a key step for JingYe group to cross-industry. All things are difficult at the beginning, the construction of the first blast furnace when the lack of funds, but the builders vigorously carry forward the hard struggle, selfless dedication , take various measures to ensure the smooth progress of blast furnace construction. At that time, there was no money to buy steel plates for making blast furnace bodies, and San Ren , who was responsible for purchasing, and the supply staff tried to get credit. In the supply of raw materials and equipment, Ren San, based on the principle of less money and more work, led the salesmen to Shenyang, Henan, Shandong, Xi'an, repeatedly inspected and compared the motor, refractory, furnace top equipment, fan and other main materials and key equipment, pick and buy the most affordable ones. Because often eat in the car, sleep in the car, extremely irregular life causes Ren San to suffer from stomach disease. But in the critical period of building a blast furnace, even if he is ill, he has to contact the business and arrange the work while transfusion in the office.

Civil construction began in June 1994. In order to save costs, civil engineering is all the factory staff to do it themselves,  Qinghai Zhang is responsible for civil construction. Soon after the civil works began, the weather gradually turned hot, and the workers often laid the foundation in the hot sun, dug the pipes, and sunned several layers of skin on their backs. Most of the foundation is stone, it is extremely difficult to dig up, but the heart for the blueprint, they did not put any difficulties in the heart, play the spirit of Yugong moving mountains, there are excavated, there are handling, there are laid, there is a structure, there are welding, there is stirring, orderly. Qinghai Zhang goes to the scene during the day to direct the project, check the quality, and work overtime at night, consult data, design drawings, and formulate construction plans, often working all night. Constructors worked together to overcome difficulties. On June 9,1995, the first 150 m3 blast furnace was built and put into operation, and chairman Li himself lit the first tuyere.

Make an all-out effort in 1998,realize double output

The financial crisis in South-East Asia in 1998 brought close or bankrupt to many large enterprises. In the face of the sudden crisis, chairman li put forward three inspiring slogans : "make an all-out effort in 1998, realize double output; make an all-out effort in 1998One year equals the first decade ; there is a good opportunity in the crisis, the current economic crisis is a good opportunity for our development ." JingYe group concentrated on the construction of ten projects, funding gap of 14 million yuan. On May 13,1998, the group held a mobilization meeting to "seize the opportunity and do a great job to double the income of our group ". Although the state cut interest rates continuously during the financial crisis, banks issued loans very carefully, Xi Ming Zhou the people who responsible for financing  , led JianZhong  Zhao etc., on all possible ways to find loans. In this context, Chairman Li put forward no inventory, no arrears of the "two no" operation policy, even if the price is lower than others, but also adhere to the payment to the delivery, speed up the return of funds. In equipment procurement,  Zengyuan Lu , Baogui Jiao in order to save money,they even broke a penny into several petals to spend.

The employees deeply understand the group's plight, they worked a few months without pay, especially the sintering plant, even seven months work without salary.  Yonghai Zhang, the vice-president, had a heart-stent operation because of a severe heart attack. After he was discharged from hospital, he took only three days' rest at home and dragged his newly recovered body into the fight against the financial crisis. In order to unify the whole staff's thought and stabilize everyone's mood, he held several meetings of cadres with class leaders and above to study the countermeasures to solve difficulties and boost everyone's morale. For a time, the slogan of " give up small home, overcome difficulties" rang through the Jingye Group, the workers were in high spirits, fighting high spirits, condensed into an indestructible steel plate, concerted efforts to declare war on the crisis. After the completion of the top 10 projects at the end of 1998, the annual output value of the Jingye Group increased from 150 million yuan to 300 million yuan, and the tax revenue increased from 5 million yuan to 10 million yuan.

Seize the opportunity to build the steel making project

The Group in 2001 to decide on the steel making project. At that time there were many difficulties, lack of funds, unfamiliar technology, lack of human resources and so on. The group enrolled 260 high school graduates to Chenggang to study, but the biggest difficulty is the lack of funds, there are more than 20 million yuan of funding gap can not be solved. At this time, the group vigorously launched the "group build the steel making project, how we do" activities, the vast number of Jingye people have sold livestock and grain, donate the children school tuition fees out, finally get enough 20 million yuan funding. So that the Group's steel making project in November 2002 smoothly put into operation, and end the  history of the entire Pingshan County have iron but no steel .

Transformation and upgrading , the 2nd Entrepreneurship doing.

In 2014, steel market prices plummeted, and many steel companies struggled to live. Jingye, like other steel companies, faces enormous pressure on the state to reduce capacity and protect the environment. Jingye to sustainable development must be transformed and upgraded. In April 2014, chairman li said :" based on the transformation and upgrading of the main steel industry, steady and steady to carry out a second venture ." In September 2014, the Group successfully acquired Inner Mongolia Ulanhot Iron and Steel Company. Since January 1,2015, the whole staff carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan and Xibaipo, firm confidence, hard struggle, vigorous development of the second entreprise. Speed up the development of deep processing of steel, international and domestic trade, logistics and transportation, sales and export, tourism and urban people's second residence, steadily improve the hotel, financial industry, aiming at the world's scientific and technological frontier, the construction of two high-tech projects to increase material manufacturing and short process casting and rolling, leading the development of the industry. The group has set up branches and offices in 22 countries to make good use of both international and domestic markets. 

Acquisition of British Steel to Accelerate Internationalization. On October 26,2019, the senior management of the JingYe group began to enter British Steel , only take two weeks to complete the normal need for half a year to complete the full adjustment work, on November 11,2019 at 0:00 signed the acquisition framework agreement. After a short period of three months, Huiming Li General Manager, Xijun Cao Deputy Chief led a team of 70+ people after a detailed investigation of British Steel, on March 9,2020, successfully completed the delivery of the British Iron and Steel Company. British steel company is the second largest steel company in the United Kingdom, headquartered in Skensop, the United Kingdom, there are production bases in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, mainly produce rail, high-end wire, long products and so on. The group's acquisition of British Steel can achieve complementary products, markets and technologies. It is an important achievement in responding positively to the national "Belt and Road" initiative and developing international capacity cooperation. It is an important step to promote its own high-quality development and internationalization strategy. It shows the influence and competitiveness of China's steel industry to the world, and infuses new impetus to China and United Kingdom relations and "Belt and Road ".


At 0:00 on November 11, 2019, jingye group and yingsteel signed the acquisition agreement

When history opens a new page, looking back on the 30 years of development of Jingye Group, we are surging; looking forward to the bright future of  Jingye  Group, we are full of confidence. Let us inherit the entrepreneurial spirit of fighting, forwarding and hardworking, concentrate, forge ahead, go all out to achieve the goals, strive to create world-class enterprises!

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