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Research Development and Characteristics of Basalt

Oct. 16, 2020

Research and Development of Basalt Fiber Abroad

According to preliminary information, there are currently 6 200 750 t basalt fiber production lines in Russia, 2 in Georgia, and 1 in Ukraine. Its products have been successfully used in various industrial fields in the CIS countries and exported to Western countries in large quantities. . Later, they transferred technology to Belgium, Canada, India and other countries. Canada has recently built a line.

The development of domestic basalt fiber

Basalt in my country is widely distributed, so it has a stable source of raw materials. my country's research on basalt fiber began in the 1970s. At that time, the National Academy of Building Materials Science and Nanjing Glass Fiber Research and Design Institute conducted corresponding research successively, but did not succeed. In recent years, basalt fiber has developed rapidly in my country, and my country has become one of the countries with the world's most advanced basalt fiber production technology. Many research institutions have published many research results. In 2002, my country included continuous basalt fiber and its composite materials in the national 863 plan. At present, the project is becoming a popular choice for the development of high-tech materials everywhere. During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the achievements of the 863 Program with independent intellectual property rights have laid a solid foundation for the industrialization of basalt fiber projects.

Basalt Fiber

Basalt Fiber

Characteristics of basalt fiber

Basalt Fiber is praised by scientists as a new material in the 21st century. It has excellent performance, strong substitution, and a wide range of applications. The different components contained in basalt give the fibers specific properties. The increase in the content of SiO is beneficial to improve the elasticity of the fiber; SiO2, Al2O. , TiO, MnO and CrO. The increase of the content can improve the chemical stability of the fiber; SiO, A1O. 、When the content of TiO2 increases, the viscosity of the melt can be increased, which is conducive to the preparation of long fibers; the increase of the content of CaO and MgO is conducive to the melting of the raw materials and the preparation of fine fibers; the addition of a large amount of Fe2O3 (ore) can increase The use temperature of the fiber.

The pure natural basalt fiber has a golden color and a smooth cylindrical appearance with a complete circular cross section. Basalt fiber has high density and high hardness, so it has excellent wear resistance and tensile strength. Basalt fiber is an amorphous substance, and its use temperature is generally between 269~700℃. It has acid and alkali resistance, strong UV resistance, low moisture absorption, high mechanical strength, better environmental resistance, and insulation properties. Good, good high-temperature filtration, anti-radiation, good wave-transmitting performance, good thermal vibration stability, environmental cleanliness, and excellent ratio of structural performance to structural quality.

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