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The Role of Volcanic Stone and Matters Needing Attention

Feb. 22, 2021

Volcanic stone (commonly known as pumice or porous basalt) is a kind of functional environmental protection material. It is a very precious porous stone formed by volcanic glass, minerals and bubbles after volcanic eruption. So, today the Volcanic Stone Supplier will introduce the daily function of volcanic stone and its health care function.

The role of volcanic rocks in the aquatic field

1.Stable water quality

There are two parts here: PH stability, which can adjust the water that is too acid or too alkaline to be close to neutral automatically. The mineral content is stable. Volcanic rock has the dual characteristics of releasing mineral elements and absorbing impurities in the water. When it is too little or too much, its release and adsorption will occur. The stability of the PH value of water quality at the beginning and color enhancement of Luo Hanyu is very important.

2. Adsorption

Volcanic rock is porous and has a large surface area. It can absorb harmful bacteria in the water and heavy metal ions that affect organisms such as chromium and arsenic, and even some residual chlorine in the water. Placing volcanic rocks in the aquarium can absorb the residue and feces that the filter cannot absorb to keep the water in the tank clean.

3. Promote metabolism

The trace elements released by the Volcanic Stone can promote the metabolism of animal cells, and bring out harmful halides in the body, and clean up the dirty things in the cells.

4. Optimize growth

Volcanic stones can also increase protein synthesis in animals, enhance immunity, and increase Lohan's mobility to a certain extent. This also played a big role when Luo Han started.

Volcanic Stone

Volcanic Stone

The health effect of volcanic stone

1.Radiation protection

Volcanic stone has the effect of preventing trace radiation. Since the nuclear leak in Japan, volcanic stones have been widely used as radiation protection accessories. At present, many people's working environment is hiding from the computer every day. Even when they return to their homes, there are also a variety of radiation-emitting home appliances. There is a volcanic stone ornament that can help you effectively alleviate the harm caused by radiation.

2. Beauty and beauty

Volcanic stone contains a large energy magnetic field, and regular wearing can promote cell metabolism, open up congested blood, regulate the digestive system, burn excess fat, and have the effect of detoxification, beauty and fitness. Volcanic stone contains a lot of trace elements and minerals, and often wearing volcanic stone jewelry can play a role in enhancing physical fitness.

Precautions for using volcanic stone

1.Since the volcanic rock is broken and transported in large pieces, some residues and other sundries powder will be generated due to friction and impact. Putting it directly into the fish tank will cause the water to become turbid. Please soak in clean water for 24 hours, and then pass several times. After elutriation, the mineral residues in the stone holes and other chemical components in the packaging process are filtered out, and then they can be put into the tank for use.

2. Volcanic rocks generally have the effect of softening the pH value and alkalinity. Generally speaking, they are acidic. However, it does not rule out the alkalinity caused by special water quality and other filter materials. Please always test the pH value in the tank during the initial period of placement, so as to avoid special circumstances causing damage to the fish seedlings. In general, the influence of volcanic rocks on the pH of water is between 0.3 and 0.5.

3. After 3-6 months of use, due to the consumption of minerals in the volcanic stone, it is recommended to replace it with a new one. You can also use saturated salt water to soak the used volcanic stone for 30 hours, and then use clean water to fully wash away the impurities before continuing to use. This is the so-called volcanic rock reconstruction process.

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