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Simple Identification of True and False Volcanic Rocks

Jan. 23, 2021

Most of the volcanic stones sold on the market are in bulk. Because volcanic stones are minerals formed through natural high temperatures, their colors vary depending on the temperature. The temperature is low and it will form brown or black, and the high temperature will turn into light red. , It can become red at ultra-high temperature. This means that a bag of volcanic stones will not all be red. Even if the Volcanic Stone Supplier tells you that they have been selected, you can still identify the true and false through observation.

Volcanic Stone

Volcanic Stone

Simple identification method:

1.The surface of the real volcanic rock has many small holes of different sizes, which can cultivate nitrifying bacteria like the ceramic ring; while the fake one looks like red mud, with very few small holes.

2. The weight of real volcanic rock is very light, not as heavy as ordinary sand; while the fake volcanic rock has uniform color, basically the same shape and size, and heavier weight, which is also fifty kilograms, which can be seen when put together The difference in volume.

3. Because the Volcanic Stone is a natural substance, it will be red if it is burned through at high temperature, light red if it is lower in temperature, and black if it is not burned through, so it has different shades of color, and it will never be completely red in bulk. , If it is a fake volcanic rock, the color is more uniform, generally all red. For example, 10 catties in some fish shops can pick out 3-4 catties of red, and the rest are black ones that are eliminated. Even if they are selected manually, there will be about one-tenth of light red and light black. , If the bulk is all red, it must be synthetic.

4. The real volcanic rock will not fade in the process of washing and soaking, and it has high hardness to the touch, and it is not easy to be crushed, but it will drop fine stone chips when washing; but the fake will wash like mud After soaking for a while, it can be easily crushed by hand, and rubbed a lot by rubbing with hands. The water is red and very turbid, and the water is still very mixed after repeated washings.

5. After buying the real volcanic stone and washing it, no matter how long it is left in the tank, there is basically no or very little red slag deposit; but the fake one will continue to produce red slag, even the first time you wash it After being cleaned, there is no slag when it is first put in, but it will continue to decompose after a period of time, and the filter cotton will be dyed and become red.

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