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What Are The Applications Of Basalt Fiber?

Jul. 14, 2020

Continuous fibers drawn from natural Basalt Stones are called basalt fibers. What are the uses?

We learned from the Basalt Fiber Factory that Basalt Fiber has been widely used in many fields such as fiber reinforced composite materials, friction materials, shipbuilding materials, thermal insulation materials, automotive industry, high temperature filter fabrics and protection fields.

Among them, the fiber surface modification technology mainly includes surface oxidation modification technology, electroless plating/electroplating surface modification technology, plasma modification technology and coating modification technology, among which the coating modification technology is the most widely used, the main purpose is to improve Its mechanical properties, anti-aging properties to the environment, and composite properties with other materials. Ying Shuni [7] introduced a block copolymer macromolecular coupling agent of polystyrene (PS) and polyhydroxyethyl acrylate (PHEA) in a basalt fiber (BF) reinforced polypropylene (PP) composite material system (PS-b-PHEA) to improve the interface performance of the composite. G.J. Wang [8] used low temperature plasma technology to modify the basalt fiber, improve the surface chemical stability and roughness, and introduce surface active groups to help improve its adhesion performance. Denni Kurniawan [9] uses glow plasma polymerized basalt fiber/polylactic acid composite materials, and the mechanical strength and modulus of the materials are increased by 45% and 18%, respectively.

Concrete Reinforcement Basalt Chopped Fiber

Concrete Reinforcement Basalt Chopped Fiber

Taking basalt fiber as a carrier material for water purification is a new research direction. Based on the guidance of the microbial carrier immobilization theory, the advantages and environmentally friendly characteristics of the new environmentally friendly material basalt fiber are used, and the surface modification method of fiber material is used to improve the carrier surface. Energy, biocompatibility, creating a new type of environmentally friendly bio-carriers, and evaluating the performance of basalt fiber carriers through applied research is a new direction to expand the application field of basalt fiber materials. Basalt fiber is still a blank field as a carrier material for water purification. Basalt fiber already has the general performance as a microbial carrier. However, in order to better improve the surface microbial adhesion performance, the surface needs to be modified. The basalt fiber carrier Problems to be solved urgently in order to be widely used.

Application of basalt fiber in the field of functional clothing: basalt fiber cloth has high strength, permanent flame retardancy, short-term temperature resistance above 1000 ℃, can be used in a temperature environment of 760 ℃ for a long time, it is an ideal material for replacing asbestos and glass fiber cloth. The basalt fiber cloth has high breaking strength, high temperature resistance and permanent flame retardancy. It is a low-cost alternative to high-performance fibers such as Nomex (aramid 1313), Kevlar (aramid 1414), Zylon (PBO fiber), carbon fiber and advanced fibers. The basalt fiber cloth can be dyed and printed by chemical printing and dyeing. After functional finishing, such as organic fluorine finishing, it can be made into oil-proof permanent flame-retardant cloth. The clothing that can be made with basalt fiber cloth is: firefighters' fire-fighting protective clothing, thermal insulation clothing, fire protection clothing, furnace foreman protective clothing, welding overalls, fire-retardant clothing for military armored vehicle occupants.

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