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Do You Understand The Difference Between Basalt And Granite?

Jun. 24, 2020

With the continuous innovation of building materials and the different environments we use for it, how do we choose Natural Basalt Stone Tile and granite when we choose them? Let's take a look with Natural Volcanic Stone Suppliers.

Basalt Stones and granite are formed by the cooling of magma after volcanic eruption. But one is formed by cooling in the surface of the earth's crust, and the other is formed by cooling in the atmosphere.

Granite is a volcanic eruptive lava that is uplifted to the surface of the crust in the molten state under considerable pressure. In the formation of the earth's crust, it slowly moves to cool down. Granite, a type of igneous rock, is widely distributed on the earth's crust, and it is a crystalline rock mass formed by cooling and condensing magma gradually in the deep crust. It is usually yellowish pink, but also off-white. The texture is hard and the color is beautiful, it is a very good building material. Known as granite.

Butt Joint Basalt Stone Cube

Butt Joint Basalt Stone Cube

Basalt rock is a kind of dense or foam-like structure rock formed by cooling lava from volcano after cooling. Basalt is a kind of dense or foam-like rock formed by the cooling of the magma erupted by volcano. It belongs to magmatic rock in the classification of rocks in geology. The temperature of the magma flowing out of the volcanic eruption is as high as 1,200 degrees Celsius. Because of its certain viscosity, when the terrain is flat, the magma flows very slowly, only a few meters per minute; when it encounters steep slopes, the speed is greatly accelerated. In the flow process, it carries a lot of water vapor and bubbles. After cooling, it forms a variety of shapes and forms the basalt material we use in our lives now.

When we generally choose building materials, when facing basalt and granite, we should choose according to the environment used and the funds provided by the company, so that the product can be more beautiful when it is used.

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