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The Volcanic Stone Industry Development Symposium

Sep. 09, 2020

At 9:00 am on September 5, 2020, the "Volcanic Stone Industry Development Symposium and the Preparatory Meeting of the Volcanic Stone Branch of the China Stone Materials Association was held in the Century Jinyuan Hotel in Tengchong. The meeting was organized by China Stone Materials Association, Tengchong Industry and Information Technology Bureau, etc. Sponsored by government departments and undertaken by Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry Co., Ltd.

Participants included Qi Zigang, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Stone Association, Sun Weixing, Deputy Secretary-General; Director, Deputy Director, Tengchong Investment Promotion Bureau, Deputy Director, Tengchong Civil Affairs Bureau, Vice Chairman, Tengchong Federation of Industry and Commerce, and dedicated The head of the Group's Enterprise Reform Department, the head of Jidian Stone Industry, and 26 stone companies from Tengchong participated in the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Li Xilin, deputy director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

Qi Zigang, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Stone Materials Association, shared his personal views on the stone industry with people from all walks of life present at the meeting:

1.The extensive development of volcanic stone to green development is the only way. Volcanic stone is an industry that enriches the people. For the industry, relevant government departments and enterprises must guide the development.

2. Under the policy, the resource certification of the volcanic stone industry needs to be planned well, and the government sets thresholds to integrate resources.

3. Do a good job in backbone enterprises and set an example of learning. Enterprise transformation and upgrading, self-management improvement.

4. Strengthen publicity for the volcanic stone industry. To strengthen cooperation and promotion with designers, we can use award-winning products to increase the value and expand the volcanic stone culture market through an annual stone carving design competition.

5. Cultivate talents to avoid competition threats from other stone industries.

6. Establish an industry organization to complete the industry standard system and self-management within the industry.

Volcanic Stone Industry Development Symposium

Sun Weixing, Deputy Secretary-General of China Stone Materials Association, gave a comprehensive explanation of the current trend of the stone industry:

Deputy Secretary-General Sun Weixing made a report on Stone Industry Situation and Tengchong Volcanic Stone Industry Development Recommendations, which covered four parts, including the stone industry situation, existing problems, the application of volcanic stones, and Tengchong volcanic stone industry development suggestions

The report talks about the production and application of natural stone throughout the entire history of human civilization. After more than 40 years of development, the scale of stone production in my country has continued to grow, and the application areas have continued to expand, and a relatively complete stone industry system has been gradually established. The development of industrial clusters has obvious characteristics. After the initial exploration stage and rapid development stage, the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing was put forward at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, and it entered the green development stage. The report uses exquisite pictures, typical cases and short videos to introduce the development of green mines, ecological parks, and stone culture industries in the stone industry.

At present, the layout of the stone industry structure continues to be optimized, the technological progress is obvious, the equipment manufacturing level is improved, and a consensus is reached on green development. The foundation of the stone industry is mining. The industrial scope belongs to building materials. It has the characteristics of physical cold processing. Volcanic stone is an important type of stone. Due to its porous characteristics, it has a wide range of applications. It can be used in construction, environmental protection, water treatment, garden landscaping, and soilless Cultivation and other fields. The volcanic rock industry has a large number of enterprises, small scale, low concentration, relatively extensive production methods, less industry information exchange, unclear industrial development direction, narrow product sales channels and other problems that are more prominent, and urgently need to transform and upgrade. The following suggestions are made for the Tengchong volcanic stone industry: upgrade traditional industries (decorative stone, garden landscape, construction roads), develop high-end industries (basalt fiber), focus on the expansion of sewage treatment, environmental restoration and treatment, and continue to pay attention to sponge city and wetland construction.

general manager of Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry, gave a statement on the initiative to actively initiate the establishment of Volcanic Stone Branch of China Stone Materials Association:

Tengchong volcanic stone resources have a unique advantage foundation. Tengchong has large reserves of volcanic stone resources, rich product varieties, and rich experience in entering the industry. Therefore, Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry is in the With support and help, sincerely initiate the initiative: Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry is willing to cooperate with the industry in various production areas to actively initiate the establishment of the China Stone Association Volcanic Stone Branch to realize the docking and communication between the main production areas of Tengchong Stone and promote production and sales. Cooperation, through the establishment of an association, accelerate the share of Tengchong volcanic stone in China and the world market, increase its popularity, and achieve a win-win situation, thereby increasing the weight of Tengchong volcanic stone in the industry.

Director Hou Dengjin of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said: As the party committee and government where this symposium is located, we sincerely welcome all leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and friends who participated in this meeting for their valuable opinions and suggestions on the development of Tengchong volcanic stone industry. And welcome you all to invest in Tengchong to jointly develop the volcanic stone industry in Tengchong. Through 5-10 years, we will strive to cultivate Tengchong's stone industry into a characteristic and advantageous industrial cluster with outstanding resource characteristics, clear market positioning, diverse product specifications, and integrated development of production, sales and service, and build an important volcanic stone industry in China. The processing-oriented stone industry base has comprehensively improved the scale and level of industrial development, and enhanced its radiation capabilities. It has built a stone processing and trade base in southwest China and facing Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea.

Representatives of stone enterprises from various production areas in Tengchong gave speeches and exchanges on the current status of volcanic stone processing and the future development direction. He also warmly welcomed the timely convening of this symposium, and expressed earnest hope for the healthy and sustainable development in the future.

Tengchong Jidian Stone Industry's Volcanic Stone Deep Processing and High-precision Products Project has a total investment of one billion yuan to build a high-tech industrial park with large-scale domestic production and comprehensive products. The volcanic stone project phase I plate series product production line covers an area of 206.86 acres, and 4 production lines have been built with a capacity of 9 million square meters per year. The main products are: high-end plates, landscape stones, filter products, handicrafts, and sculpture series products. The second phase of the construction of a volcanic stone high-precision series product line is mainly for deep processing of volcanic stone products and the production of volcanic stone fiber products. If necessary, please contact the volcanic stone supplier.

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