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  • Red Lava Landscape Stone

  • Red Lava Landscape Stone

  • Red Lava Landscape Stone

Red Lava Landscape Stone

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Red Lava Landscape Stone

What is a lava ornamental stone? When the volcano erupts, the magma that is ejected or flowed out after cooling, and the rock with ornamental value formed after cooling is called lava ornamental stone. The red lava stone we supply is a kind of volcanic landscape stone.

Red Lava Landscape Stone Parameters:

Product NameRed Lava Landscape Stone
Source Original100% Natural Lava Rock from Yunnan,China
Standard Size15-30cm; 30-50cm; 50-80cm
Surface FinishingRough / Saw Cut

Interior & Exterior Landscaping

Garden Ornaments / Rockery / Waterfall / Retaining Wall


The role of volcanic lava rocks in the aquarium field

1. Living water

Volcanic red lava rocks can activate the ions in the water (mainly to increase the content of oxygen ions) and can slightly release a-rays and infrared rays, which are good for fish including humans. The sterilizing effect of red lava rock can not be ignored, and it can effectively prevent and treat patients by adding it to the aquarium.

2. Stable water quality

This contains two parts: the stability of the PH, which can be adjusted appropriately to the acid or water that is too alkaline to automatically adjust to near neutral. The stability of mineral content, volcanic stone has the dual characteristics of releasing mineral elements and absorbing impurities in water. When it is too little or too much, its release and adsorption will occur.

3. Adsorption

The red lava rock is porous and has a large surface area. It can adsorb harmful bacteria in the water and heavy metal ions such as chromium and arsenic that affect the organism, and even include some residual chlorine in the water. Placing volcanic stones in the aquarium can absorb residues and feces that cannot be removed by the filter and keep the water in the tank clean.

4. Promote metabolism

The MSI element released by volcanic lava rock can promote the metabolism of animal cells, and bring out harmful halides in the body, clean up the dirt in the cells.

5. Optimize growth

Volcanic lava rocks can also increase protein synthesis in animals and enhance immunity.

6. Water growing matrix material

Due to its porous characteristics, it is conducive to aquatic grass climbing and rooting and fixing diameter. The various mineral components dissolved in the stone itself are not only conducive to the growth of fish, but also provide fertilizer for aquatic grass. In agricultural production, mountain stones are used as soilless cultivation substrates, fertilizers and animal feed additives.

The role of lava rocks in health care

1. Anti-radiation: Stone has the effect of preventing trace radiation. Since the Japanese nuclear leak, the volcanic stone has been widely used as a radiation-proof accessory. At present, the working environment of many people is to hide from the computer every day. Even when they return home, there are various home appliances with radiation and a piece of volcanic stone jewelry, which can help you to effectively mitigate the harm caused by radiation.

2. Beauty and beauty: Volcanic lava rock contains a large energy magnetic field. It is often worn to promote the metabolism of cells, break up congested blood, regulate the digestive system, burn excess fat, and play the role of detoxification and beauty. Firestone contains a lot of microelements and minerals, and often wearing volcanic stone ornaments can play a role in enhancing physical fitness.

The role of lava in construction

Volcanic lava rock has many pores and hard texture. It is often used to mix with concrete, which can not only reduce the weight of concrete but also have sound insulation and heat insulation. The shadow of the red lava rock can also be seen on the path in the park. Volcanic stone is also widely used in the construction of rockery and bonsai. It can also be used in life to make flower pots, landscape stones in fish tanks, and deodorizing stones in bathrooms.

Why Choose Us:
Our own quarry and full equipped processing machine in our factory.
Experienced workers and efficient management team.
QC team:10~20 professional and responsible staffs.
Guarantee in quality and timely delivery.
High quality and competitive price.

With own quarry and factories, Jidian Stone company is professional and be sure to offer you superior products and bottom prices. Besides, our good services which include CAD, QC staff, and timely delivery, make sure to meet your satisfaction. Welcome to contact us!

Red Lava Rock

With our own quarry, we have sufficient rough stone to cut; our advanced cutting machine can process the stone slate precisely; our QC team will inspect the stone size and color before package; our pack team will protect the stone paver until it arrived.


Standard seaworthy packing for long distance transportation.

Plastic film foam   inside & strong fumigated wooden crate outside.

Delivery Time15-20 Days
Quality ControlThickness tolerance: +/-1mm
 Inspect every tiles before packing
Color DifferenceNatural stone has color difference usually, we will check the bulk tiles carefully before   shipment.
PaymentTT with 30% deposit in advance, balance paid before shipment 100% Irrevocable L/C at sight.

ice crack.jpg

The volcanic stone is a economical choice of landscaping.. 

It usually is red red color and widely used in Backyard, Garden Ornements, Park, Hotel,  Waterfall, Rockery, outdoor..etc

landscape stones.png


1)Q: Where is your company?
   A: Our headquarters is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, factory in Yunnan, also with many cooperated factories around the domestic.

2) Q: What's the port of loading?
    A: Normally Fangcheng Port or Qinzhou Port.

3) Q: How is your packing?
    A: Normally we pack our stone with fumigated wooden boxes (foam and plastic film inside) with plastic tapes in 6 sides, further strengthened with iron sheet in the corner. Individual carton packing or customized packing is available.

4) Q: What about shipping mark?
    A: We can provide neutral shipping mark, or customer trade mark / OEM trade mark are available.

5) Q: What's your sample policy?
    A: Pay for Customized samples, free for standard samples.The shipping fees is paid by client.

6) Q: What's your MOQ?
    A: For Standard Slabs & Tiles, usually in 100 M2. Customized items is negotiable.

7) Q: How do I know the quality of the products?
    A: We'll send you the order update and product pictures for checking. QC inspection by yourself / your friend / 3rd QC agent is accepted.

8) Q: What's your payment term?
    A: 30% deposit by TT, balance paid before shipment.

9) Q: What's your production lead time?
    A: 15-20 days.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to inquire us at any of your convenience.

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